Hearing Noises in Your Attic at Night? You May Have Wild Animals in Your Attic

Are you hearing noises in your attic at night? Don’t be threatened, but you may have wild animals in your attic. The uninvited guests on your attic might even leave out evidence that they have taken residence in your attic by leaving a mark on your attic floor like animal waste or scratches. The presence of wild animals in your attic isn’t always necessarily a bad occurrence since these animals are generally non-life threatening creatures. However, the constant noise can be distracting and the animal poop that they leave is totally unhygienic, plus they can slowly wear down the structure of your home.

If you haven’t been able to confirm what kind of animal is living rent-free on your attic, you can begin your investigation by confirming if there are animal feces that have been left behind. Upon confirming the presence of animals on your attic, it is vital to secure the entrances of your attic in order to avoid further infiltration as the scent left behind by these animals can call in some more of their kind or they can be smelled by predators who would want them as snacks. Therefore, it is important to avoid any more possible animal invasions. There are various animals that can find their way into your home and it is important that you know how they got there, the trail they leave behind, and how you can get them out.

The most common pest around the house is rats and mice. They can get to your home no matter how safely you secure your premises due to their tiny structure. Rats are generally nocturnal creatures so you might sense their presence, particularly strong during the nighttime and you can confirm their existence through rat poop trail or because of the strong odor of their urine. If you want to discard rats and mice, it is best to trap them and block off even the tiniest entryway to your home. Consequently, if you have mice running around your attic, predators like snake will become attracted to take residence in your attic, as well. You can probably hear hissing noises if there is a snake in your home, but snakes would not be common guests since they aren’t pretty talented climbers. However, if you find snake skin lying around, be wary of their presence since they are just around the corner. For snake removal, it might be better to call a professional to take them. In addition to these animals, you might also find yourself as an unwanted host to a colony of nocturnal bats who found their way into your attic. Bats are generally quiet creatures, but they can start producing noise once they are fighting for a space in your ceiling. If you find several brown looking grains, these are probably bat poop and it is the best time to call for professional bat removal teams since it is important to not kill any of the bats. There are several other animals that can infiltrate your home such as squirrels, raccoons, or pigeons, and it might come as a surprise to you that most animals give birth on your attic. This can lead to a severe growth in the number of animals living in your attic, hence, producing even more noise than usual. It is best to secure any possible entrances and to remove them as soon as possible to ensure population control.