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Hearing Noises in Your Attic at Night? You May Have Wild Animals in Your Attic

Are you hearing noises in your attic at night? Don’t be threatened, but you may have wild animals in your attic. The uninvited guests on your attic might even leave out evidence that they have taken residence in your attic by leaving a mark on your attic floor like animal waste or scratches. The presence of wild animals in your attic isn’t always necessarily a bad occurrence since these animals are generally non-life threatening creatures. However, the constant noise can be distracting and the animal poop that they leave is totally unhygienic, plus they can slowly wear down the structure of your home.

If you haven’t been able to confirm what kind of animal is living rent-free on your attic, you can begin your investigation by confirming if there are animal feces that have been left behind. Upon confirming the presence of animals on your attic, it is vital to secure the entrances of your attic in order to avoid further infiltration as the scent left behind by these animals can call in some more of their kind or they can be smelled by predators who would want them as snacks. Therefore, it is important to avoid any more possible animal invasions. There are various animals that can find their way into your home and it is important that you know how they got there, the trail they leave behind, and how you can get them out.

The most common pest around the house is rats and mice. They can get to your home no matter how safely you secure your premises due to their tiny structure. Rats are generally nocturnal creatures so you might sense their presence, particularly strong during the nighttime and you can confirm their existence through rat poop trail or because of the strong odor of their urine. If you want to discard rats and mice, it is best to trap them and block off even the tiniest entryway to your home. Consequently, if you have mice running around your attic, predators like snake will become attracted to take residence in your attic, as well. You can probably hear hissing noises if there is a snake in your home, but snakes would not be common guests since they aren’t pretty talented climbers. However, if you find snake skin lying around, be wary of their presence since they are just around the corner. For snake removal, it might be better to call a professional to take them. In addition to these animals, you might also find yourself as an unwanted host to a colony of nocturnal bats who found their way into your attic. Bats are generally quiet creatures, but they can start producing noise once they are fighting for a space in your ceiling. If you find several brown looking grains, these are probably bat poop and it is the best time to call for professional bat removal teams since it is important to not kill any of the bats. There are several other animals that can infiltrate your home such as squirrels, raccoons, or pigeons, and it might come as a surprise to you that most animals give birth on your attic. This can lead to a severe growth in the number of animals living in your attic, hence, producing even more noise than usual. It is best to secure any possible entrances and to remove them as soon as possible to ensure population control.

Oakville Burlington Milton Business Information

This site is to provide you with some information on the businesses and services offered in the Oakville, Milton and Burlington areas (Halton Region).

Living in this area has allowed us to use many of the services offered (both good and bad), so we have put together this small site to inform others of the businesses who have done a great job and have provided fantastic customer service. Sometimes not everything goes according to plan, but if the company you are dealing with works with you and corrects any errors in a positive a friendly manner, then they deserve being recognized.

So you will a collection of different services here. We are only going to mention ten at the most and hopefully you will find them of value to you as well.

Oakville Condos, Townhomes and Townhouses

Real Estate in Oakville is pricier than in the neighbouring communities of Burlington, Milton and Georgetown. The cost of a new home can range from $400.000 up into millions. Therefore, there is a great interest in purchasing condos and townhomes as a way getting in the market while still living in a great community.

New and resale Oakville condos are in demand primarily in the south and north east areas of Oakville.

Just east of Oakville is the great community of Churchill Meadows in Mississauga. The homes for sale in Churchill Meadows are in great demand due to their proximity to the QEW and the 403. In addition, there is great shopping and resturants in the area. The detached homes, semis and townhomes sell well and are a good real estate investment.

Benefits Of Going Green With Attic Insulation

Regardless of whether a homeowner has new or old home Going Green With Attic Insulation will help him save money on energy bills, increase his home value, and make his home more comfortable through temperature regulation. It is believed that most homeowners are losing money on energy simply because they don’t have enough insulation in their home’s attic. That said here are benefits a homeowner will get by insulating his home’s attic.

Reduced utility bills

The significant advantage the homeowner will get by Going Green With Attic Insulation is saving on his energy bills. This is because his air condition or the heating system won’t get strained in regulating the temperature of his house. More energy is wasted when there are gaps in the attic or when the attic has no insulation. By conserving the heat, the owner of the house will directly reduce his consumption of energy thus resulting to low energy bills. Additionally, this is an environmental measure that also helps in saving money.

The home’s worth

As the homeowner insulates his home attic, it will present him with an opportunity of enhancing the value of his property. Any buyer would prefer to buy a home with insulated attic for which is an appealing proposition for people who are searching for energy efficient houses. Thus making a small investment today, the homeowner can reap benefits any time he decides to sell his home.

The home’s temperature adjustment

On the absence of an insulated attic the owner’s home heat will keep moving forward and backward during the hot and cold weather which is not comfortable to live in such a house. Also, when there are gaps in his home’s insulation the temperature would significantly change thus causing discomfort to people living inside. As a result, it will be better he avails the service of a competent roofing contractor to insulate his attic this will ensure there is the even temperature in his house at all times.

Tax benefits

There are tax benefits given to homeowners by the department of energy. Whereby the owner will get entitled to a tax credit of up to 30% which will amount to a credit worth of hundreds of dollars when he gets his home insulated. For additional information and required documentation he can check with the department of energy.

Get extra space

Once the homeowner insulates his home’s attic he could use it for other purposes than just storage. For example, he may decide to use it as an office or a bedroom. Depending on the attics size and design he may also utilize its space like a gym or the kid’s playroom thus allowing him to make the most of the available space.


Numerous homes, especially older ones, lack proper insulation. When the homeowner decides on Going Green With Attic Insulation, he will have the opportunity of enhancing the worth of his home and put his home’s attic space in proper use. Furthermore, he will avail tax incentives benefits offered by the government and will be able to reduce his energy bills. The homeowner should know that this process does not take long. And as can be seen, many benefits come with it that he should not overlook.